prepare, but don't panic


get the family organized


START A SCHEDULE - Balancing multiple family members working from home

I'm getting a big white board delivered and we're going to put check lists on it making sure every family member has had some:

  • outside time (walk the dog, play in backyard)

  • social time (call a grandparent, play a game with family or friends online)

  • mental time (learning something)

  • work time (school or profession)

  • creative time (draw, color, read, write, build)

  • chores time (clean, organize, put away, pick up, help a family member, feed the dogs, etc)

  • break time (Mindfulness, nap, listen to music)

  • movement time (living room dance party, jog the block, jump ropes/trampoline/bike)

PHYSICAL HEALTH - It's real important that you keep on your family's list your physical health as a way to protect your mental/psychological health

  • 8 hours of sleep a night (kids and teens need more 8-10 hours!)

  • Healthy food (even though we all want to just eat girl scout cookies or carbs every night as comfort)

  • Sunshine & Exercise

  • Hug your household - Research it! A full 20 second hug increases your levels of oxytocin ("the love hormone") and reduces your blood pressure and cortisol ("the stress hormone"), this will increase happiness and lower your stress in 20 seconds!

coping with the stress



TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN - NOT talking about it is WAY scarier for them. How?



The mission of ILTexas is to prepare students for exceptional leadership roles in the international community by emphasizing servant leadership, mastering the English, Spanish, and Chinese languages, and strengthening the mind, body and character.

La misión de ILTexas es preparar a nuestros alumnos para roles de liderazgo excepcionales en la comunidad internacional, haciendo hincapié en el liderazgo de servicio, el dominio de los idiomas inglés, español y chino, y el fortalecimiento demente, cuerpo y carácter.

德克萨斯州国际领袖学校旨在于培养学生在国际社会中卓越的领导才能。 我们强调学生在熟练掌握英语,西班牙语和中文的前提下加强奉献式的领导精神及身体,头脑和品德的锻炼。

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