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Welcome parents

We will still be having Enrichment time each day virtually and G/T students will still be working on their G/T Projects during this time.

Many of our G/T students are already using the Texas Performance Standards Projects (TPSP), which are created by Texas Education Agency (TEA) and recommended for G/T students. These projects are Project-Based Learning (PBLs) and are student-driven. Teachers are therefore the facilitators to guide students, but each student will be working on different projects at their own pace.

Teachers and students will also be encouraged to use STEM Challenges, STEMscopes Extension activities under the "Elaborate" tab, any of the projects/PBLs under the "Accelerate" tab, practice coding online, or taking virtual field trips and make this as fun and engaging as possible.


For more parent information on G/T, the referral, resources, forms, and FAQs please visit the ILTexas G/T Webpage below.

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The mission of ILTexas is to prepare students for exceptional leadership roles in the international community by emphasizing servant leadership, mastering the English, Spanish, and Chinese languages, and strengthening the mind, body and character.

La misión de ILTexas es preparar a nuestros alumnos para roles de liderazgo excepcionales en la comunidad internacional, haciendo hincapié en el liderazgo de servicio, el dominio de los idiomas inglés, español y chino, y el fortalecimiento demente, cuerpo y carácter.

德克萨斯州国际领袖学校旨在于培养学生在国际社会中卓越的领导才能。 我们强调学生在熟练掌握英语,西班牙语和中文的前提下加强奉献式的领导精神及身体,头脑和品德的锻炼。

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